Man in the mirror – to grow and develop – Renaissance man


Who’s that guy in the mirror? (And why is he looking at me?)

The challenge, as I have recited by now so many times that some readers probably feel their heads will start spinning at the mere sight of the words is … to appear as who and what you really are. (There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?)

My point at this moment is that we sometimes fall back on old appearances, no longer really valid, but which can be trusted for a good response. This type of situation usually resolves itself soon enough, in a natural way – or hopefully so, otherwise the self-denial will become an open sore.

It is important, though, if you do appear in a particular situation differently than how you see yourself, you need not seek out the nearest bathroom mirror to scream at yourself in sheer panic, “Who am I … or who are you?!” Know and understand that even if your perception of yourself changes with the passage of time you may still have to appear as your “old self” for the sake of safety, or positive response, or positive result in a specific situation.

The ideal is naturally that your current and hopefully credible self will develop sufficient confidence so you can appear as who and what you are at any particular time of your life.


To grow and to develop and to express – or to choose not to

You experience reality. It is possible to express this particular experience.

You also have an identity. It is possible to improve your grasp of who you are, what you are, and what you want to do with your life.

Your choice, right now, is whether to acknowledge these things, these possibilities, and to continue the process of personal growth and development, or not.


In “Renaissance Man”, Danny De Vito’s character changes his primary work and living environment from a corporate office and suburban home to a military training camp. He finds out he’s not really an advertising guy but a teacher, suddenly becomes committed to what he does, and feels for the first time in years that he belongs. And, since the formula always works perfectly in movies, he also finds the love of his life.