Johnny undermines himself



Like an insecure child who collects toys, I collect projects. And the “child” refuses to share his toys with other children, or to give some of it away, or to allow his mother to sell some of it at a church bazaar.

“I am going to play with it!” he’ll cry out, and fold his little arms tightly over his toys.

“When?” his mother would ask, exasperated.

“Tonight,” he would mutter. “Or tomorrow …”

“You know you’re never going to play with it, Johnny,” his mother will say. “You have too many toys!”

“But I was thinking …” Johnny would start, and then he’ll try to convince himself more than his mother that he still has great plans to play with all of his toys simultaneously one day.


My projects are like a bloated bureaucracy that threatens to undermine the state it is supposed to serve.