(Initially) Powerless Friday


It is Friday morning at 10:09 and the power just went out. Spaces that severely affect perception of reality, and spaces that alter mood. As part of my Anti-Futility League program I am going to organise a National Beard Month, during which men – and women if they want to – will refrain from shaving for a month. Now that I think about it, an anti-lawnmower movement also sounds like a great idea. One of the reasons I am always attracted to ambitious plans is because the “story” is so much better, and the inspirational value so much more than playing it safe. Music sometimes also affect your experience of reality to a great extent.

the power is out, so I’ll write a poem

a few more poems inside of me
or would I be breaking rules this way
if I should throw a cluster of thoughts together
without waiting on the usual desert or abyss

happiness is bread and butter
love – my unborn son and daughter
ignorance and knowledge, and knowledge is my friend
hope – the master I would like to serve

inspiration is then called with the deepest of sincerity
better rhyming structure would be welcome too …

science, one

this morning the headlines broke
at last! death is to be feared no more
our own flesh we now can choose
to freeze, to live on at a later stage

science, two

life is like science
love one plus one
grief a smaller figure, dear
if you should go, leaving me alone

we count what’s good together
subtract the negative, my love
because mathematically it is still too rare
to bring together all essential elements

a good life is like science
friendship, love, hate as little
as possible for a hopeful start, even if
the end confuses – with loss, and sometimes little gained