In transit, and thinking | Welcome back


In transit, and thinking (about schemes and plans)

(Kuala Lumpur International Airport)


“Aircraft Interior Maintenance ASU” is stencilled on the side of the truck on the runway. Behind me, an empty corridor stretches for about half a mile into the heart of this part of the airport complex.

“… to Hanoi, ready for boarding at Gate C6,” a Malaysian woman announces. Her voice is beautiful, and strong.

“Barang bang, barang bang,” she announces again, “… to Bangkok … for immediate boarding” is the only part I manage to make out (I can’t write and listen).

“Longer and more frequently,” I remind myself of a thought I had earlier this morning about visits to my family. I play around with the idea for another couple of minutes before mumbling to myself, “More frequently is more important than longer.” I conclude with a preliminary, pencil-written plan in my head: December, April and August.

Welcome back

(Fengshan City, Taiwan)


I don’t really have an “integrated view of existence”. I do have a lot of building blocks, though.

Welcome back, by the way.


The silence of wide open spaces …