How else will luck find you?



Why not give up?

Because if you keep trying, you keep sending out a signal: “I’m still here.”

How else will happiness find you?

(Recent thoughts on the role of luck, and keep trying versus giving up; various social and other media reports of people winning millions in lotteries – and you can’t be lucky if you didn’t buy a ticket; a video clip on Twitter of someone whose parachute failed – he falls to the ground, keeps jerking and pulling on ropes and finally he cuts something loose and his emergency parachute opens to break his speed seconds before hitting the ground; also a video clip of a group of men stranded for days on a small island (looked more like a sandbar), with one guy continuing to wave a big green flag even after rescue personnel in a helicopter noticed them.)


“Why keep trying? It’s not going to work anyway…”

Say what? Why use that as a criterion? It’s not so much about working. It’s about sending out a signal!

“Many people are successful because they were lucky – the right things happened at the right times, and so on, without them doing much themselves. In other words, other people did similar things, or worked just as hard, but the time was wrong, or the stars just weren’t aligned at that moment.”

Let’s say you’re right.

But how will luck find you if you don’t play? How are you going to get lucky – time is right, stars are right – if you are not active at that moment?


Not just luck in the general sense of the word.

Perhaps you feel you’re not so much an unlucky person, but in love you just haven’t hit the jackpot.

So: If you stop sending out signals, how will love find you?

Or maybe love has found you, but you could definitely do with more money.

Same story: If you stop sending out signals, how will money find you?