Finally room for tea bags


In the last few weeks, I had at least two dreams about boxes full of old papers and other rubbish I had collected over the years, which were still filling up rooms in an apartment I no longer even live in. An elderly Taiwanese lady appeared more than once as superintendent of the building or owner of the apartment. In one of the dreams all the boxes were wet – and there were many of them.

Then, last night, I dreamed again I was on my way. My wife was there too. The story was that we were on our way out of the country; she was going first, and I was to follow a day or two later – when I was done packing. Big difference with the hundred other times when I’ve dreamed about this theme was that all the most important stuff had already been packed. Even in my dream, I was wondering if this was really true. I looked around, and true as a fact, there were only pieces of paper on the floor, empty boxes that had been folded and stacked, and one or two pieces of clothing in a closet.

I woke up, fell asleep again, and the dream continued. Two posters that had to be left behind. I remembered that at one point I had thought it was worth the one or two dollars I paid for it at a Hospice store, but I knew I could walk away from it.

Best of all – and this was in the first dream – was my suitcase with which I would fly the next day. With not much left of value to pack, the suitcase was only half full! I moved some of the clothes to the side, and I was amazed at how much space there was left. I had tea bags in my hand, and I thought there was no doubt about it – there was definitely room.