Disturbance of the telephone – two notes


Disturbance of the telephone …

Telephones can be very disturbing. For example, I am sitting behind my computer, half-past eleven in the evening, and the phone rings. I was just minding my own thoughts, chewing on a toothpick … but now I suddenly have to make an appearance, and participate in a conversation, and display personality, and so on.

I think it’s quite reasonable to not answer the phone when social appearance does not suit you. If you know who called, you can simply call the person back at a time that suits you better. And if your call does not suit that person at that time, he or she can do the same, until you catch each other at a time convenient to both of you.

[The bigger the gap between your private self and your social self, the more annoyed you will be when your solitude is disturbed.]


The point of the thought

The point at the end of the thought that had been brewing in my head in parts three and four is this: the person you want to be and the role that you have defined for yourself should not only be compatible with the world in which you exist, but it should also not undermine your chances of fulfilling your emotional and physical needs. If this essential balance between what you have defined for yourself and what you need to be and do to survive is not maintained, who you want to be and the role that you have defined for yourself are not sustainable.

One of my favourite awakenings of the year is the idea that to know who and what you “truly” are is not the end goal, but a means to producing results of your existence – and then hopefully positive results.