Consciousness of happiness, and of imminent danger

MONDAY, 1 MAY 2006

Everyone has a choice: be a destroyer of hope, dignity and of life itself, or be a creator of hope, dignity, and life – or be someone who creates an environment where these good things can take root and flourish, or someone who protects them.


By default, the world is a cold, dark place. We make it better, but a better world it will never be by default. It will always be a constant struggle.

FRIDAY, 12 MAY 2006

I have an acute awareness of emergency and imminent danger (ten years ago I called it my “state of emergency”). This seemingly perpetual state is about three things: health – the fact that I smoke; debt – the fact that I still haven’t paid back all my student loans; and income – which is always just above the poverty line.

FRIDAY, 26 MAY 2006

I feel compelled to make a quick update. Despite the fact that I’m pretty broke at the moment (NT$4,900 [±US$160] left until I get paid again – in about twelve days, and then only NT$3,500 [±US$110] for fourteen days), I am happy – something that both annoys and delights me.

I have once again realised that in addition to spending time with important people in my life, there is nothing that fills me with so much exuberance as to produce something out of the talents that I have received, the skills that I have developed, and the knowledge I have gained over the years.