A responsible piece: Exile essay # 10


There comes a time in your life when you have to stare some truths in the face. One of these nasty truths is that you may live forever – or at least until you’re so old and senile you can’t even remember you’ve ever lived. The inevitable question that one would ask yourself if you can’t shake this unpleasantness out of your head, is what on earth you’re going to do if you are indeed going to live for another forty or fifty years.

You currently find yourself in a position where you’re still relatively young. You’re still caught up in a struggle to get rid of hang-ups you’ve been dragging along since you were a teenager; you’re still trying to claim a small plot of land for yourself in the big, wide world, and you’re still arguing with yourself (and with your family) about exactly what it is you want to do with your life …


[Another blunt ending. Not a good sign considering that this was supposed to be the long-awaited responsible piece, but there you are. It would be another fifteen months before the idea for this literary project (the original project, Personal Agenda: Book One) emerged. There was clearly no urgency to complete any pieces of writing in November 2001.]