A morning under the African sun


I had a wonderful morning. First I had my breakfast – oatmeal with All Bran Flakes, sprinkles of pecan nuts, and a few raisins, and then I finished a cup of coffee that my brother-in-law had brewed – so strong that a drop the dog had licked from the floor almost gave her a heart-attack.

Then I took a hot bath – the first in years (I usually shower). After the bath I shaved, brushed my teeth, and made myself a cup of green tea.

Sipping my Taiwanese tea, I went outside to sit in the sun – nice warm June sun, African sun, winter sun. After making notes for an essay about annoying people, I read for about half an hour.

Putting aside the book, I put my earphones on my head, kicked out my flip-flops and pressed “Play” on my music player. And then, for the second half of 1982 and almost all of 1983, I kicked a soccer ball across the lawn, from one side to the other, and back again.

Who says only a child can enjoy the things of a child?