A few points underlined


Primary objective, still: To make my life worth living.

This comes down to living my life the way I like it, because I have confidence in myself that I will do a good job.

Bonus: I don’t presume I can teach anyone anything, but if I have the opportunity to share one or two useful insights or snippets of advice with someone else, that will also be good.



With a new perspective, and a handful of new insights, it seems in retrospect that I had some highly eccentric ideas over the years.

One was my view on being happy. I always believed that one should be careful about it, because just as you find yourself in a condition that can be described as happiness, something happens and … how silly wouldn’t you feel then?

The other silly idea was about money, for which one had to necessarily do tricks, jump through burning hoops, and spend some of the best hours of your weekdays in soul-crushing tedium. It had to be that way, I always thought, because money is not your friend.


For a long time I cited the terms “struggle” and “creation” as words of special significance. The idea was to struggle against things, and eventually reach a stage of your life where you could focus more on creative endeavours.

However, it is important to point out that I was always careful about translating into Afrikaans the word “struggle”. It did not necessarily mean struggling, but rather wrestling with something, and overcoming it. This obstacle that one had to overcome could be a disability, a toxic relationship, or a situation from which you had to escape. The essence of the idea was positive, and creative (even before you came to the creation part). It was about looking at the cards you were dealt, and then working out the best game plan. And when you achieved a breakthrough and you no longer had to spend so much energy and time on this wrestling with an issue, you could apply your time and energy to creating something – literature or any other art form, or creating in any other way a good, fulfilling, productive life.


Wednesday, 12 December 2018: “Eventually, I would be able to say that the process of becoming financially independent has been enjoyable, stimulating, fulfilling, and extremely interesting, as virtually everything I have read and applied came down to improving myself.”

I just thought I’d underline this point: If you want to make more money, improve yourself.