The problem with taking a position


Taking into account that there are always facts regarding a matter to which you do not have access, that there are always things about a person, an incident, or a historical event that you do not know, or that you haven’t yet considered in your arguments for or against something, can you ever really take a position?

What should you do? Sit on the fence on every possible issue? Should you think of a standard disclaimer to recite on every occasion (“As usual, I just have to say, I know …”)? Should you be more critical? More cynical?

To learn to control your emotions is a good start.


What would I have done if I were in Winston Churchill’s position during World War II – Winston Churchill, who is regarded by many people as a hero? Would I, for example, have agreed to the bombing of civilian areas in Germany in the latter months of the war, where I would have known thousands of people, including young children, would be burnt to death or where they would die or be maimed in other terrible ways?

I would like to say I wouldn’t have agreed to it. But because I wasn’t in his shoes, I can’t judge.

Then I thought, especially with Winston Churchill in mind: “I cannot judge, but I will refrain from worship.”