Personal Agenda, Book One: CONTENTS

Taiwan: A brief overview


Icarus journal, entry # 1
Icarus journal, entries # 4 & 5
Exile [1]
Exile, part two
Icarus journal, entries # 11 & 12
Icarus journal, entries # 13 ~ 15
About the earthquake, September 1999
(Among other things) The apartment
Icarus journal, entry # 22


Blonde meditation
Start living today
To be remembered
Reasons (to not commit suicide)
The church, the woman, the house, and the hang-ups
Exile, part three
Stanzas, journals, and pieces of paper
To communicate
Sikt fij huyt!
Exile 5?


A most important lesson
The purpose of my life
What people do
I am not the master of this world
Notes and letters from March to May 2001
The beautiful world
How the forces dance
On “Hearts” and life
Almost the end
Workers from ancient times
What lies beneath the skin
On 11 September 2001
Exile 7/The 22 October 2001 declaration
Count the pros minus the cons No. 7542, or … Exile, Part VIII
A weekend in the mountains
To talk about God [PDF]
The same questions still consume me
Exile nine
A responsible piece: Exile essay # 10
No regular reports on my life
31 December 2001


The proverbial average
For whom do I write?


Exile thirteen
Interview between “Brand” and the “philosopher”

Postscript I
Postscript II