Problem with my ambition to become a successful marketer


I simply have to accept it: Something is amiss in my ambition to become a successful marketer. After two years, I know most of the tricks, loopholes, “secret” techniques, systems, steps, trends, and so on, but I am not moving one inch forward!

I want the money; that’s for sure. And heaven knows I’ve collected enough material to know what I should do.

I wrote a lot of notes and essays on many different subjects before starting with this marketing business. I get paid to have conversations with Taiwanese adults, so communication shouldn’t be a problem. And I have learned to register domain names and build websites.

So, what is my problem with Internet marketing?

Write 30 articles a week on whatever is the latest fad; fill a dozen blogs with the same boring content as dozens of other blogs; write e-books on topics about which you do not need to know much because it is so easy to fake it; bookmark your own web content to fool search engines into indexing your content quicker.

If other people produce good quality content for me, I can consider managing certain projects. But I am forever going to be stuck at square number zero if I am going to force myself to do things that I cannot possibly commit myself to.