PLACE – and why there?


A man (the very one making this note) was born in South Africa, and obtained data from a particular South African environment that has made it possible for him to give expression to the existence of which he is currently aware and of which he has been aware for the past 397 months. For the past 66 months he has been living in Taiwan. He currently finds himself again in the particular environment that gave him his primary self-expression tools, amongst the people with whom he has had an intimate emotional commitment his entire life.

Within the first three days after his re-emergence in the South African environment, he was once again confronted with the concept of place; specifically where he chooses to live and where his family would prefer he makes himself at home.

To shed some light on the concept – with which he has been confronted for the umpteenth time – he asks the following question: What determines the place where a person lives?

The answer is free will, or no free will.

Suppose then a person can indeed make a choice among several possibilities, what considerations should be taken into account?

1. What makes life for him worthwhile?

2. How does he “see” himself – who and what he is and who and what he wants to be?

3. What does he do or what is he willing to do or what can he do to meet his own needs, and possibly the needs of a few other people for whom he may be responsible?

4. What does he when he is not busy satisfying his needs, or busy taking steps to make it possible to satisfy his needs?

5. Free and creative expression of his particular experience of reality – possible in the place that is being considered, or not?