Low quality people

FRIDAY, 23 MAY 2014

Two days ago a 21-year-old student attacked people on the Taipei metro with a fruit knife. He killed four people and wounded another nearly two dozen.

Like any normal person, I was shocked and wondered what inspired the man.

Having thought about it a little, I realised he was a stupid fucking asshole.

I watched several clips about the incident on a local TV channel, and each time I said out loud what I thought of him, I felt better.

It was as if I understood.

Later I read that two Facebook pages had been started to support the killer. At first I couldn’t understand who the hell would create a page for such a low-quality person. One page had already gathered 63 “likes”!

Then I realised: There are other stupid fucking assholes in the world.

The more I thought about it, the better I felt. Not because there are so many stupid fucking assholes that pollute the world, but I no longer wondered what kind of people commit such horrible crimes.

Of course it can happen that a stupid fucking asshole appropriates the title for himself. Does this make him less stupid? No, it just makes him more of a fucking asshole.


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