Some afterthoughts to “Lose yourself, or apply yourself”

(Read: “Lose yourself, or apply yourself”)



Fear is the foundation on which the House of Life and Functional Identity is built. The question is, what lies buried beneath the house?

* * *

The options: Withdraw or Get Involved

* * *

“Fulfil your mission on earth through engagement with the world.”

Serve your purpose and leave … or stay and enjoy the show for as long as your ticket is valid?

* * *

If the answer is to withdraw, what then is the meaning of the way humans are born?

* * *

The Buddha abandoned his wife and new-born child and walked into the wilderness.

Jesus became involved. He gave comfort, relieved pain where he could, and sacrificed himself – his physical self – for a “good cause”.

Muhammad also became involved. He waged war to transform the world so that people can live their lives in the “correct” way (according to his convictions).

* * *

Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha) withdrew into the wilderness. Muhammad also initially withdrew – to a cave. Jesus spent forty days and forty nights in the desert.

Both Jesus and Muhammad withdrew … and then got involved.

Even Nietzsche’s hero – the eventual “superman” – withdrew for a decade, and then started with an attempt to redeem people from their ignorance.

* * *

So: Withdraw … and reappear as a transformed person – one with an agenda, a cause for which you are willing to die?