A few pleasant and unpleasant truths


Most enterprises are doomed to fail.

Most investments never pay a dividend.

Most books are read by very few people.

Most websites get very little traffic.

Most new music is heard by relatively few people.

Optimism and faith sometimes propel you forward, and sometimes it leads to your downfall.

It should also be mentioned that if you launched a business venture and it becomes successful, the likelihood increases that your next venture will also be successful.

If you have made an investment and it turns a profit, chances are that you may just repeat this success with your next investment.

If a book you have written is read by at least a few hundred people, the probability is relatively good that your next book will also be read by at least a few hundred people.

If you develop a website that regularly gets visitors, chances are that your next website will also get decent traffic.

If you produce an album of your own music and a few thousand people listen to it or buy it, chances are relatively good that these people will also listen to your next album or song, and maybe they will even tell other people about your music.

Success, after all, generates more success, and if you have little of anything, chances are that you will have even less in the future.