You better stand up if you want to be counted


This morning it occurred to me that the site has become an exclusive platform for writers in their twenties.

Five seconds later I changed my opinion. “Bullshit,” I said to myself. “It’s like saying books have become the exclusive domain of young people because many people in their twenties write books.”

“You have to stand up to be counted,” I reminded myself. Or rather, you have to stand up to stand a chance of being counted.

If you hide in a dark corner, you won’t be counted.

If you camouflage yourself, nobody is going to notice you.

If you lie flat on your stomach, behind a bush, you will be ignored.

Is it important to be counted?

Fact is, many people are happy enough to live their lives without being recognised as anything more than mere mortals.

But, if you want to be recognised by at least a few people for something you say or do, especially if you regard what you say or do as having value, then you’d better get to your feet.