Vanguard of the bourgeoisie – Personal Agenda



I look at the world around me, and I cannot but declare the following opinion: the great hope for the survival of human civilisation on Earth is the middle class – that big mass of people in the so-called developed world, and smaller percentages of people in so-called developing countries, who go to work every day, who own cars and houses and TVs and computers and refrigerators, and several sets of bed linen and music collections and beautiful coffee table books and souvenirs of holidays in other places. This crowd is the great hope for the survival of human civilisation on this planet.

People who are seriously wealthy also make a contribution, but by now we know most of that money never trickles down to the broad mass of humanity existing outside their tiny opulent worlds.

The working poor also contribute to the survival of human civilisation by performing for small fees various tasks for which no one else wants to dirty their hands.

However, without the middle class human civilisation would spiral down into brutal darkness. The middle class is Light, Spine and Balancing Factor.

One important additional piece of information must be mentioned: In order to continue to be Light, Spine, and Balancing Factor, it is imperative that the majority of the members of this stratum be educated, tolerant and peace-loving.

Of course this is a naive ideal.

Here is what will help: a vanguard of rational, well-educated, open-minded and tolerant individuals. Intellectuals they need not necessarily be, although a core of this vanguard should consist of rational thinkers. This vanguard ought to be the leaders of middle class communities. An organisation, even a political movement, could also be suggested that would promote this idea of strong, tolerant, stable socio-economic communities, led by rational, open-minded and tolerant individuals. (Long live the vanguard of the bourgeoisie?)


One does get the idea from the above that I do not exactly say anything new. What I describe in the above piece of text as the hope of civilisation has already been an active factor in the survival and development of human existence on earth for centuries. The vanguard of rational, open-minded leaders will be a major improvement, though.

If these were to be my conclusions after ten plus years of thinking about society, it is clear that I do not propose revolutions, but more of the same – just better.


My relationship with [N], and her relationship with me are expressions of the type of people we want to be, and reflections of the type of people we are.



What do I say in “Personal Agenda”? I say, struggle is a key element of our existence – initially for survival, and then for something more. Figuring out what this “more” is becomes part of our life journey.

Also, how do we struggle? How do we exist from day to day? We exist, and maintain and direct our struggle, by becoming a Particular Person, with a more or less unique identity. This identity enables us to survive and to function. Our personal struggles are given direction by way of tradition, culture or religion, or it is defined by us in a complex process that includes elements of a variety of sources. This struggle becomes the purpose of our existence – it gives value and meaning to our lives.


In Korea, I said: Belonging and Commitment.

In Taiwan, I initially said: Struggle and Creation, and then finally: Struggle, Identity, Purpose.