Two people – value for others – redemption plan

MONDAY, 9 MAY 2005


Two people spend time together. They become increasingly comfortable with each other. They trust each other more and more – also with their own fears and shortcomings. They become more and more dependent on each other for companionship, camaraderie and support. They become friends, lovers, soul mates – a universal phenomenon that cuts across time, culture, historical era, socio-economic background, religion and all other divisions between people.

It is a process that should be nurtured.


Busy reading the vocabulary list to the 16:30 to 18:00 class when the word “irrelevant” pops up in my mind, as in “I am afraid after all my efforts my life is in fact irrelevant, with value for only a few other people …”

– a mundane life –

– a life of no significance –

[16/06/15 “value for only a few other people” – what is the magic number? 7? 53? 125? when your life has value for how many people will you not regard your life as irrelevant anymore? you save one person from drowning – do you look around for other people that may be drowning because one just isn’t enough? you save one person from soul-destroying poverty – not good enough? not even worth the effort, you’ll think?]


The “redemption plan” as preached by so-called “Evangelical Christians” rests on one principle: the identity of God and the individual “Christian” confirming this proclaimed identity.

* * *

The boundaries of many people’s ambitions and view of the kind of life they can live is based to a large extent on one thing: “You should be glad that at least you have …”