Thinking of church, and being like water


The Chinese film director Chen Kaige speaks of “cinema as church” – where a crowd of people sit in the dark, staring straight ahead, and not just being entertained but receiving something.

What they receive is not so much message, but stimulus, something that causes them to critically look at their own lives, that causes them to wonder and think and contemplate their own futures.


“Be like water,” Bruce Lee still recites in my head. This dictum is also true when it comes to making money.

I know I can make money by promoting products or by selling things, but when I think of myself as a sales rep, a glorified door-to-door salesman, then I am not like water. Then I am like thick, gritty mud you have to pour through a narrow paper funnel.

On the other hand, if I think of making available or recommending resources that will facilitate the process that will lead to a better life for other people, or if I think of offering my skills and knowledge at a reasonable price to help others where they get stuck, then the mud becomes watery and the grit crumbles and disappears.

Identifying and removing the obstacles in your way will increase the probability of you achieving your goal; it will significantly enhance the possibility of you reaching your destination in good time. If neither Bruce Lee nor Confucius said that, I am sure someone else did.