The truth is too sweet (for a hungry man)

Tuesday, 6 January 1998

Someone puts an enormous piece of chocolate cake in front of you. You say no thanks.

The guy says, “Oh, you don’t like chocolate cake?”

“Are you crazy?” you reply without hesitation. “It’s my favourite!”

“But you’re not hungry right now?” the guy tries again.

“No, no! I’m starving!” you exclaim loudly.

“Okay, I got it. You want to eat something proper before you tuck into dessert, right?”

“Oh no,” you answer, “nothing is better than a piece of chocolate cake when I’m really hungry!”

“Now I’m confused,” says the guy. “You like chocolate cake – in fact, you say it’s your favourite, and you’re hungry. What’s the problem?”

“Can’t you see?” you whisper. “It’s just too good to be true …”