Reconciliation with the monster

Sunday, 4 January 1998

What are the terms on which a Loner can reconcile him- or herself with society? Or, what are the rules of the game … or, if an alien lands in my room and asks me what he needs and what he should do to fit into society (presumably as a human being) what will I answer?

1) Money

2) Conviction that it is worth the effort to fit in

3) Seeing that you wake from your slumber every morning to then “do things” for 16 to 18 hours, and that you quickly learn that things become easier if you see continuity, pattern, direction, even meaning in the succession of days you function as a member of the species Homo sapiens, it can be quite useful to understand who you are and know what you want to do with your life

Money for what?

1) Residence – a comfortable, safe space that can serve as your resting spot, your storage space and your refuge

2) Food, clothing and other basic necessities

3) Entertainment for if and when you need it

4) Pension payments – in case you make it to old age

5) Medical fund – in case you get sick

6) Insurance – in case you have stuff that can get stolen

7) Symbols of Stability – things like an address and a telephone

Nearly forgot something without which you can barely survive, much less stand a chance to lead a productive existence! Confidence! Of course you need good self-esteem! Of course you need to believe in yourself and in your ability and potential to one day pitch camp on Higher Ground!