Morning, afternoon and evening on Tuesday, 12 October 2004

Morning: Ready for chaos?

I can cease to be “Brand Smit” and just call myself “I” which, relative to me, would be more accurate than you calling yourself the same.

Afternoon: To understand … when it matters

When faced with extreme danger, it sometimes happens that a person suddenly develops an alternative, and under the circumstances more appropriate understanding of life.

Evening: Loose ones from Crooked Village, Number Nine

0. I am in a classroom, and I witness in front of me seven separate consciousnesses, functioning by means of sets of givens: male/female, age, physical appearance, racial background, etcetera.

1. Gravel doesn’t get used enough for aesthetic value.

2. Not only did I think a lot about identity, I also thought a lot about why I think about identity.

3. It almost feels like I should have a talk with myself where I have to make something very clear: “It’s time to take a long and hard look at your life, and ask yourself how long you can go on like this …”