Important ideas – some of which are repeated

MONDAY, 22 JUNE 2015

A thought regularly occurs to me that we often possess the right knowledge, we know a lot of things we need to know, but we cannot always express what we know in the right words. The result is that what we know becomes blunted.

I believe this is one of the reasons why people respond so positively to writers or singers or public speakers when they succeed in expressing “that thing” in exactly the right way.


My organic robot brain downloaded the instructions at some point that I have to work at least eight hours per day to justify my existence to others and to myself.

The alternative is that I need a lot of money because, as Robot Brain also understands it, rich people do not need to justify their existence – only peasants have to do it, and servants, slaves, and so forth.

FRIDAY, 24 JULY 2015


I am 44 years old and I can pay for my own dinner.

Nobody can accuse me of having unrealistic standards.

FRIDAY, 31 JULY 2015

Drumroll for an important insight: We often say, “But someone else has already said that” or “Someone else is already doing that.”

Fact is, not everyone heard when that other person said whatever they had said; not everyone has seen that particular movie or read that specific book. And even if people have heard what that man or woman had said, or if they have seen a certain movie or read a particular book, they may have forgotten about the lights that had come on in their heads!

We all forget things. This, at the end of the day, is why important things need to be repeated.