Expensive money, precious time, and how you think


I have agreements with people to be present at certain times in certain places to help people with their English studies. Other than that, I keep myself busy with four other activities: language study, other ways to make money, reading, and writing projects.

I can easily spend four to eight hours per day on each of these activities. Because there are only 24 hours in my days as well, I am forced to spend less time on things than I would prefer to, or less time than what I need to achieve certain goals.


I. The woman at my one school messed up, so my work permit can’t be issued in time. That means I will be on mandatory unpaid leave next week. Of course that’s terrible, but I also thought about what I can do in the extra time I will have because of it.

Then I thought: That money I would have earned next week is not free money – I would have paid for it with my time.

Naturally I need to buy a certain amount of money every month. For this purpose I have standing arrangements to spend a certain amount of my time to buy a fixed amount of money.

The thought also occurred to me that I don’t need the money I would have bought next week for something specific. I can, however, think of a few things I can do with the time I now won’t have to spend. Result: No problem.

II. Point I is an example of how you create your own perception, which then affects your reality. Instead of being upset about the money I would not be getting, I now think of the fact that that money would not have been free money, and that I now don’t need to spend any time to buy that money. And seeing that I need time more than I need money, I am happy.