What impresses you, and why?


To impress others in their social and/or professional circles is a daily ambition for many people. What is supposed to create a good impression ranges from property acquired to actions taken, from projects successfully completed to promotion at work, from new people with whom contact has been made to most recent sexual conquests.

There are several reasons why people want to impress others. There is the common, “If they’re impressed with me, they’ll like me, and then I can feel good about myself!” There is also the more cynical ambition of a specific end result to be achieved, and when people are impressed with whatever is dished up, the one who had wanted to create the impression could walk away with new reason to sniff the air. A last example that can be mentioned is sexual needs fulfilment. A target is identified with a cursory exploration of the environment, sentences are conceived and polished by mint-flavoured tongues long before they exit the oral cavity, and general body language and behaviour are modified according to the latest ideas and fashions so that the one in need can appear much stronger, smarter, cooler, and more interesting than can ever be the case in bright daylight.

What impresses the modest writer of these paragraphs? Immune he is not to the shine of a new bicycle a friend has recently acquired. Projects undertaken for personal fulfilment and brought to successful conclusion are also something on which he always likes to voice his opinion – regardless of his knowledge or level of expertise on the subject. Promotions at work that befall people from time to time may occasionally lead to as many as sixty seconds of interesting conversation, and possibly more if the new position requires some creativity, or actions that will be undertaken that will have some real value beyond the financial compensation it will bring to the newly promoted person. Sexual conquests for the sake of employing it the next day to improve self-esteem and to create a more impressive appearance are, in my humble opinion – and I know I run the risk of being accused of simple envy – in bad taste.

[Your turn: With what do you try to impress other people, and what do you want to achieve with that? And what impresses you, and why?]