Sixties icon and symbol of a decade: Edie Sedgwick


Something completely different: I recently discovered Edie Sedgwick. Not only was she a sixties icon, she was also to some extent a symbol of that decade.

She was known for behaviour that was already problematic by the time she became part of Andy Warhol’s inner circle. She was sensual, attractive, vivacious, and a little dangerous. She was an avid drug user and drank and smoked as if she would live forever, loved with boundless passion, and ultimately failed to make the impact she and others had thought she would.

She limped into the next decade on the proverbial one leg, and died at the relatively young age of 28 while trying to recover from all the excess and extravagance of the preceding few years.

Watch this video compiled from clips from Andy Warhol’s films Poor Little Rich Girl and Beauty No 2: