Religion and the born-again self


[Shortly after breakfast]

The Christian religion states, if you are no longer happy with your “old self”, “crucify” it, and start the rest of your life with a “new, reborn self”.

* * *

All religions provide the believer with identity – or at least, important components of identity are derived from the religion a person adheres to. No religion promises the believer – especially in the case of a new believer – the possibility of a “new” consciousness of self. (I would not previously have realised this, because until recently I was too caught up with “identity”.)

[About two hours later]

Guard against quick conclusions! Today’s religion and the New Self realisation came to me in my living room, but it was only in the bathroom of the school at Number Nine that I realised all religions ultimately provide the believer with a new consciousness of self.

The difference may lie in the emphasis the Christian religion places on this aspect of conversion – as contained in the doctrine of “rebirth”, while some other religions may focus more on other benefits of becoming a member of the “faith community”.

Most religions, however, focus on the “correct” identification of the individual to himself and to others.