More sensory happiness, and my ambitions might have faded


If I were happy in Stellenbosch in 1994 and ‘95, happy in Korea in 1996 and especially ‘97 and ‘98, happy in Johannesburg in 1998, and happy in Taiwan for the first few years – and with happiness I mean more money, initially, and later also regular female companionship, I wouldn’t have produced as much text as I ended up producing.

To write was for a long time a mechanism for me to cope with loneliness, stress and boredom. It was only since 2003 that I really started thinking about myself as a writer who may have something to say. I had spoken (and written) about my ambition to write before 2003, but I think if I had experienced more sensory happiness in the middle to late nineties and the early years of the new decade my ambitions to write would have faded.