Material from Personal Agenda

This page contains some material from the project, Personal Agenda, written between February 1999 and February 2004.


Icarus journal, entries # 13 ~ 15

To be remembered

A most important lesson

The purpose of my life

The beautiful world

Almost the end

To talk about God (PDF)


Personal Agenda, Book One: Introduction

Last outburst (before the end my vacation)

Creative, fulltime

Thirteen minutes on a Saturday night

To be part of something bigger

My current life

The (real) value of money

On the technical aspects of belonging and membership

End contemplation, part one/The ultimate hope

Belonging and mobile membership

Who and what

Three incidents

On the next generation: Parenthood

Just another piece of writing

A thought brews in my head, part two

Let’s write something


In the service of an idea

Money and art

To be all right

Parents have this responsibility

Advice to the youth

The Commercial Dictatorship:
– A revolution of a different kind
– The 99 Days of the Commercial Dictator
– COM-DIC Document 001