Apart from surviving and so on, here are my goals for 2015


Okay, here are my goals for the year – that’s in addition to the usual goals of trying to survive, being a more or less good person most of the time, being a good partner to your partner, and so on:

First goal: I want to write as much as possible, and publish as much as possible what I write, and have written up until now.

Second goal: I want to gather a community of contactable readers.

This can be done in various ways, including “followers” on Twitter, “likes” on your Facebook page, “subscribers” to your YouTube channel, and a mailing list of people you can reach via email.

Why do I want to build this community of readers? To sell more books and make more money?

No. My primary goal has never been to make money with my books, but rather to disseminate ideas and to promote discussion of these ideas. It’s what has always motivated me to write. To create a community of readers I can contact when I have written something new, or when I’ve published a new book, or when I just want to know what they think of something, is to successfully do what I have always wanted to do with my writing.

Third goal: to make more than enough money. Why more than enough? More than enough will enable me to give money away, and it will enable me to spend my time more efficiently.

So, considering that I have come to realize my writing is part of a discussion rather than boring sermons about which few people concern themselves anyway, I should start ending my posts with a question: What do you think?